ALO Photo Sphere

The all-in-one solution for high-quality photos and videos of your products.

ALO Photo Sphere is our all-in-one solution that allows you to take photos and videos suitable for your every need: e-Commerce, technical photos, still life, social media content, catalogs and magazines.

The sphere is managed directly from your PC thanks to our software ALO Photo Scan 6 that can be used by professionals, amateurs and operators, without needing any experience in photography and photo editing.

Place the product inside and let the magic begin.

Change of perspective

Automated rotation axis

An inside turntable and spherical rotation both managed by the software,
to define the right angle for your shots and make emotional videos, combining the two movements.

The fully mobile camera stand is ideal for photos and videos of items
either lying on the platform or in a vertical position.

Trick of the lights

Light Sources

Thanks to ALO Electronic Lighting System lets you adjust ALO Photo Sphere lights directly from the app
and independently and store your light profiles so you can apply them to any product and whenever you want.

Front Light

to give brightness to the front of the products.

Back Light

to create white background and contrasts.

Diffused Light

to illuminate the product diffusely.

ALO External Spotlight

the dynamic light to easily create customized light spots.

Don’t move your object, just choose how to show it

Shooting Points

1. Technical View

For a perfect top view, with real proportions and dimensions.

3. Front View

To focus more on the details.

2. Perspective View

An emotional perspective view, as if the product were worn.

4. Hanging items

Thanks to the Smiley turntable, it’s easy to hang and shoot subjects in a natural way.

Seven tables, endless effects


Matte White

Contents with soft or strong shadows, thanks to top diffused and spot lights.

Matte Black

Elegant and emotional lifestyle contents, with or without shadow.

Glossy White

Subjects with an elegant natural reflection.

Glossy Black

Emotional contents with a refined and smooth reflection in a dark environment.


Hang and capture earrings and necklaces in their most natural position.


The rear light illuminates the entire turntable and creates the perfect environment for shots from above and in perspective.


Easily create an automatic, transparent or custom white background.

Less waste of time, more efficiency. Just one click.



Automatically crop any kind of photos with unique precision and in a short time.


Take multiple photos of the subject with different positions. Just decide the number of shots and angles.


Use ghost images that recreate the exact scene in terms of product placement, camera and lighting parameters.

Photo Retouching

A wide range of brushes will help you enhance contrasts, clean stains on metal, remove fingerprints, saturate the color and highlight the shadows underneath the product.

Camera Roll

Store all shots so you can reopen your images afterward to edit them as you wish.

Color Change

Convert your object into different colors. Mainly suitable for yellow, rose and white gold products.

Video Creator & Presentations

Get a clear video stream to showcase your samples. Choose the video mode you prefer and make 4K videos with an intuitive interface.

Optimised Equalization

Save equalization profiles to apply the same parameters to similar products images and save time in the retouching section.

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From €239/mo. where applicable.