The perfect machine to capture the details of your stones.

D-Imaging is the solution designed for all gemstones and their details. Thanks to the reflection cage and high-resolution 360° video production tools, you will have the feeling of touching the gemstone through your computer screen.

The machine is compatible with any shape of your gemstone, from the heart shape to classic ovals and squares, and is designed to enhance all its features. With D-Imaging you have the ability to take great quality pictures with extraordinary accuracy.

Because every single detail of your stone makes a difference.


Any gemstone. In 60 seconds.





Like in your hands.

All Shapes


Feel the sensation the piece is like in your hands thanks to the special lights and our featured reflection cage ©.

Videos and 3D animations can be easily achieved.

Twice as fast for exceptional quality results.


2x Speed

Higher productivity and doubled cost savings.

Suit Yourself

Customize player and its features.

360° Real 3D View

High resolution 360-degree 3D views.


Enlarged view of diamond clarity, cut and color.

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