Plain Metal Jewelry

Elegance in Simplicity.
Crafted with Precision.

Discover the beauty of plain metal jewelry with our advanced photography and videography solutions. Our equipment is tailored to showcase the intricacies of gold and silver pieces, capturing every detail with precision and clarity. Our high-quality sensors and customized lighting technologies bring out the brilliance of metals, providing accurate color rendering faithful to reality.

Experience the user-friendly design of ALO equipment as it becomes your creative ally. The intuitive interface empowers operators to focus solely on crafting extraordinary images, eliminating concerns about complex technical settings. Post-production is seamlessly facilitated through integrated functions that meticulously refine each image. This ensures final results that not only exhibit sharpness but also capture the true essence of each piece of plain metal jewelry.

ALO solutions epitomise the harmonious blend of the traditional art of plain metal jewelry making and cutting-edge technological innovation. This perfect fusion serves as a canvas to showcase the inherent elegance and sophistication of each creation. With these instruments, every piece of plain metal jewelry transforms into a masterpiece, immortalized in images and videos that distinctly enhance its beauty.

Explore below some sample pictures and videos showcasing the brilliance of plain metal jewelry captured with ALO.

Some Samples

Plain Metal Ring Photo

What Studio to use?

ALO Photo Sphere

Particularly indicated for its versatility and high quality. You can choose to use the transparent turntable to automatically remove the background from the piece or use the white matte turntable to keep a native soft shadow below the piece and get the white background by white equalisation.
It works with a regular camera.

Quality: ★★★★★
Value: ★★★★
Ease of use: ★★★

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ALO Photo Tube

An easy solution to get photo and videos for your products. Very fast and intuitive to produce both photos and videos. Easily get transparent background pictures by the use of AI, or just-in-time white background equalisation.
It natively works with mobile and optionally with camera.

Quality: ★★★
Ease of use: ★★★★★

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