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ALO Photo Scan

It all starts with an app.

With ALO Photo Scan you will be able to control all ALO equipments with an easy and intuitive interface. You can define rotation angles and light scenes which allow you to create perfect pictures and 360 videos in high resolution. The funny part is that you don't need to be a professional to operate it.

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Odoo CMS - a big picture
Take a Picture

Easy, from the initial shot to the finished picture.

Wether you are taking pictures for eCommerce or for your Instagram page, it's never been easier to make it with ALO Photo Scan. Just find the subject position, adjust the lights, then start taking pictures. This leads you to take top class pictures in no time. And that, ladies and gentlemen, it's a wrap.

Just do it.

Nothing is easier than taking a picture with ALO Photo Scan. No need to set up the camera for every shot, just choose the spots you want to have focused and the app does the rest. The word depth-of-field will be just an old memory, nothing you need to take care anymore. 


Enjoy the ability to take 1:1 original size pictures with easy to use selection masks. Save pictures in configurable web formats in pixel size. Use Templates and Ghost Images to recreate the exact scene in terms of product positioning, camera parameters and lighting. Which is good.

Edit Like a Pro.

With ALO Photo Scan, create professional looking photos without an editing degree. Easily search for your pictures in an easy to use camera roll, edit with Photoshop like tools, equalise and get both absolute white or transparent background, just like a pro.

High-Fidelity Tools.

Choose from a wide range of brushes which will greatly help to improve contrast on diamonds, clear metal spots which look like dirty, remove finger prints, saturate color stones and enhance shadows below the products. It's easy to apply filters to individual selections, layers or just to the whole picture.


Showcase your products thanks to the high resolution full screen preview. Get fluid an crisp live video stream to show your sample line. Full set or single product properly zoomed and focused will help you to broadcast your creations. 

Videos. Be a Movie Star.

Frame after frame. That's how it goes.

Videos are becoming increasingly popular among online communities and especially social media. 360 jewelry videos provide a high emotional engagement on the watcher. Deliver emotions, communicate the craftsmanship behind your creation. Be the director of your next top selling product. ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... action!

Turntable Movement.

360 degrees, a bit more than that.

Choose to create a 360 degrees video in just 30 seconds. Speed it up, slow it down, zoom in or out in this classic but not to be underestimated movement. 

You can choose initial vertical position and define what the turntable angle will be. That's why it's not just a 360, it simply can be more ... or can be less.

Especially indicated for necklace videos.

Vertical Rotation.

Spherical movements, that's how it goes.

How to provide the sensation that the subject stays in shape even though it's flexible and wouldn't stay in shape without any kind of support. Just choose this kind of movement which is based on a spherical rotation above the subject which just can be laying down on the turntable which is not actually moving.

Especially indicated for watch videos. 

Combine and dream.

Magic Move, it's a kind of magic.

The big one. Show your product from different angles from both front and top view in a highly engaging way. Thanks to the use of ALO Photo Sphere, you will be able to combine turntable movement and camera spherical movement: that is Magic Move. Just choose how many degrees you want to spin the subject horizontally and what the vertical movement will be: top to bottom, bottom to top and how much.

Especially indicated for ring, bracelet and necklace videos. More generally speaking for whatever has a three dimensional shape and needs to be observed from different angles.

It makes the difference.

Make it interactive.

360 Animations. Like a cartoon.

Put together 100 shots or more to create a smooth animation. You will be able to publish top of the line 360 photos in no time. If you have an eCommerce and want to give more interactions, you have to add 360 animations.

That's the function you actually need.