ALO Photo Scan 5

All the info to get beautiful pictures

Alo Photo Scan 5.0 is a software designed to manipulate images of objects that are as big as the A4 format. The software has one interface for three main functions:  

  1. Image acquisition from external peripheries such as digital cameras and/or scanners
  2. Image post-processing by applying many different digital effects such as white balance, image sharpening, brightness, contrast and other advanced effects
  3. Real size 1:1 image acquisition maintained by pre-coded selection masks

Alo Photo Scan 5.0 provides users with an image manipulation tool that is quick, powerful, and easy to use. The standard process of image acquisition, image post-processing and image cutting can take anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes.   Instead of waiting the standard time, using   Alo Photo Scan 5.0 makes it possible to get high quality images in 20-60 seconds!

Software Registration

Download from our Download Page the software setup and follow the wizard.
When you start Alo Photo Scan 5.0 for the first time, it will run the trial version with limited features for 30 days. After this period ends, you will be prompted to register the software by inserting an activation code, on a maximum of 3 PCs.
If you already have the activation code, proceed with the software registration by following the steps below:

  • Click on menu Support | Register
  • Select type of License "ALO Photo Scan 5" or "ALO Photo Scan 5 + APS Move
  • Enter your company name, email address and license code
  • Click "Register" button

registration window

Restart the program after the registration

Catalogue Plug-In Registration

Catalogue is the   Alo Photo Scan 5.0 plug-in for catalogue management. You can try this feature out during the trial period, for up to 30 days. The catalogue will print a watermark on the background until you purchase the catalogue plug in.  

Note: Because this is a feature with a fee, it will require another registration.

To register the catalogue plugin, click on the menu catalogue, then Register  

For the catalogue management (see part catalogue management).

Note: It is recomended to restart the program after registration is complete.

General Settings

To set some features of Alo Photo Scan 5.0, push the button on the upper left and then select Settings :

  • Activate/deactivate debug mode: the debug information will be written into the file log.txt, which is inside the directory used to install Alo Photo Scan 5.0. This log file is useful for receiving technical assistance as soon as possible.
  • Select the programming language
  • Activate/deactivate the automatic program update at the beginning
  • New resolution in DPI (“Dot Per Inch”) - Activate/deactivate sampling when you save the high resolution images
  • New resolution in DPI (“Dot Per Inch”) - Activate/deactivate sampling for the catalogue
  • Change the default colors space: RGB, levels of grey, YCbCr, YCbCrK or CMYK;
  • Activate/deactivate the automatic visualization of the window with the image taken by the camera (if the camera is connected)
  • Link Youtube account information
  • Set Feather amount for selections
  • Set Camera FPS
  • Set Focus Stacking mode
  • Select default folder for Video Codec
  • Set DPI Multiplier: changing the camera distance, set the value in this field and the program automatically calculates the DPI, without manage the calibration

To put your chosen settings into effect, click on OK or Apply.

Adding/Eliminating Keys in the Quick Access Toolbar

The quick access toolbar is located in the upper left, next to the key . Through this you can have quick access to some functions. There are 4 keys used to save data, as well as the Undo and Redo Button. You can personalize the tool bar by adding or eliminating some keys. To add buttons to the toolbar, right click on any button and select Add to Quick Access Toolbar. To remove a button, right click on the particular button and select Remove from Quick Access Toolbar. You can also display (or hide) a button by pushing the key and selecting the button to display (or hide) from the list. Pushing the button , allows you to display the tool-bar above or below the menu or maximize/minimize the menu. To maximize/minimize the menu, you can quickly click twice over one item of the menu.