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ALO Photo Scan 6

It all starts with an app.

Discover how easy operating with ALO Photo Scan is. 
Take a moment to watch below videos to get an exhaustive overview of APS6 main functions
while  operating with ALO Photo Sphere.  
Photo Quick Start
Video Quick Start

Main Functions and Concepts

Commands and Lightings
Focus Stacking
Ghost and Templates

Photos How-to

Using Spot Light
Using Reflective Panels
Understanding Lights

Photo Editing

Image Selection and Selection Frames
Magic Wand and Transparent Background
White Background and Image Equaliser
Layer Effects
Brushes and Image Refining

Videos How-to

TurnTable Video
Spherical Video
Magic Move Video
Ring Video on White Matte
Ring Video on White Glossy
Necklace Video on Smiley©
Bracelet Video on Black Matte

Video Editing

Video Editing using iMovie
Video Pan and Zoom concept using iMovie
Video Speed Up Concepts using iMovie

Additional Functions

Camera 1:1 Calibration

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