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Anyone in the jewelry business already knows that jewelry items are among the most difficult products to photograph. Many factors that could attract potential customers-- such as an item’s cut, size, and brilliance-- may be skewed or lost entirely with low-quality photographs.

In a world that is increasingly digital, having accurate, flattering photographs and videos of your products is a bigger priority than ever before. In many circumstances, shoppers will be unable to view a product up close in a personal setting, meaning your photographs will be their only impression of your catalogue.

Our ALO Photo Sphere is an easy-to-use tool that provides jewelry photography lighting for businesses of all sizes. Even without a professional team behind you, you can produce stunning macro jewelry photography that will expand your customer base and put your products in the best light (literally).

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The ALO Photo Sphere

Top of the Line Machine for Jewelry Photography and Video

Our  ALO Photo Sphere  is much more than a jewelry photography box. Although it comes in a portable, easy-to-transport size, this product is essentially a macro jewelry photography studio that can be used by professional and ammateur photographers alike. Here are some of the most notable and loved features that can help you take gorgeous, immersive photos and videos of your jewelry.

Jewelry Photography Equipment

Rotating Jewelry Videos

Photographs are great, but videos are increasingly popular among online shoppers. Videos can provide a more immersive, in-depth experience than a photograph, and this is especially important when it comes to macro jewelry photography. With two robotic and manual axis and multiple turntables, you can shoot videos that capture your products as they rotate, allowing customers to view your available selection without missing a detail.

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Multi-Angle Jewelry Photographs

In eCommerce settings, customers will only be able to judge what they can in front of them. Multi-angle photography will give customers an experience that can closely rival an in-person showing. Now is not the time to be intimidated about succeeding in the digital world-- it’s the time to invest in the best jewelry photography equipment, and start seeing more online sales than you ever could have anticipated.

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Long Lifespan

Compared to other jewelry photography boxes, our photo sphere has an impressive lifespan of over 100,000 hours on average. Whether jewelry is the primary product that your business specializes in or make up just a small portion of your catalogue, your photo sphere will help you market your products with top-quality photography and videography for years to come.

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360-Degree Perspectives

Whether photography or videography is your chosen medium, the ALO Photo Sphere allows you to capture every single detail of your jewelry-- all 360 degrees. 360-degree photographs are interactive, and allow customers to feel as though they are able to touch, pick up and even try out your jewelry pieces, all without ever leaving the comfort of their homes.

ALO Photo Shot

In our current era, businesses that can garner Instagram likes and Twitter followers are more likely to succeed. People use social media not only as a tool to shop, but also to build connections with the businesses in their lives. Alo Photo Shot is a professional macro photography studio that is specifically designed to make digital sharing easier and faster for businesses. The studio has a mobile plug-in function that allows you to immediately upload and save professional-grade product photography to your smartphone. Social media is a fast-paced environment in which timing is everything. By offering instant access to photographs, you can keep your best photographs on the front page of your website and at the top of your followers’ news feeds.

From €70/mo. where applicable.
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This imaging machine was designed with the most beautiful and timeless stone in mind: the diamond. Whether your customers are preparing themselves for a walk down the aisle or simply buying an unforgettable gift for a loved one, they want to be able to feel as though the stones they are interested in are in their hands.

With the help of D-Imaging’s reflection cage and  360-degree videography tools , customers will truly feel as though they are able to reach through their computer screens and touch the diamonds you have on display. Any jewelry fanatic understands that no two diamonds are truly alike, and every stone will have its own strengths to highlight.

For this reason, D-Imaging is compatible with virtually every mainstream shape - from on-trend hearts and pears to classic ovals and squares -- and has multiple features designed to showcase certain features of a diamond, such as its fluorescence.

From €125/mo. where applicable.
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Four Pro Studio

This miniature product photography studio produces professional-grade photography, even when used by inexperienced photographers.

This studio has three possible configurations, making it compatible with DSLR cameras and smartphones. While many photographers will invest thousands of dollars for cameras, lenses and lighting equipment, many businesses (namely small business owners) cannot afford to make such an investment. Luckily, jewelers need little more than a jewelry photography box and a basic smartphone for stunning photographs.

Regardless of the camera at your disposal, you do not have to worry about photo quality with a Four Pro Studio -- using this studio, cell phones and DSLRs will have the lighting and positioning tools needed for impressive, attractive photos and videos.

From €60/mo. where applicable.
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Four Pro Studio

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